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Breaking down is no joke especially if you are in an isolated area or on your own. Going to start your car up only to find nothing happens is a serious issue in these circumstances. Even if you break down when in a busy town or city, it is inconvenient and annoying. This is just as true if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident on the road.

When life throws these problems at you, having a reliable car towing service to call on is key. Calling a reputable and professional auto tow service like us will soon get the problem resolved.

Insurance approved tow service in Ottawa

Our top class auto tow service in Ottawa is not only fast but also insurance approved. This means that you can call us safe in the knowledge that we are fully covered to tow your vehicle away. Our highly experienced tow truck drivers will handle your vehicle with great care to avoid any damage when attaching or un-attaching it to the tow truck. This combination of superb customer service, insurance documentation and experience is what sets the Autorebex towing service apart.

Let us handle your roadside emergencies

We understand that accidents or breakdowns often happen late at nights or early in the morning. That is why we operate a 24-hour emergency car towing service for customers to use. Simply call us on (613)276-6665 or (613)261-0101 and we will come out to help as quickly as possible. Whether it is a battery boost, a tow home or a tow to the nearest garage, we will be there fast to get it sorted. No-one wants to be waiting around in the cold or dark for hours - with our emergency service, this will not be something to worry about.

Call Autorebex today

If you need help with collision recovery or roadside assistance then call us today on (613)276-6665 or (613)261-0101. As well as affordable standard prices, we also offer discounts to students and military personnel. Make sure to ask about these when you phone up if they apply to you. Don't panic the next time your car needs a tow - simply call the experts and let us handle it for you.


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